Good Books

Birgivi’s Manual Interpreted: Complete Fiqh of Menstruation and Related Issues (Hedaya Hartford, Ashraf Muneeb)

  • Well written book on the Hanafi rules relating to menstruation.
  • Translation is excellent and the book is easily accessible.

Birth Control and Abortion in Islam (Muhammad Ibn Adam al-Kawthari)

  • A comprehensive book on issues that come up on a daily basis for married women in regards to birth control and abortion.
  • Though the book covers a very wide variety of issues, it does not cover as many different opinions as I would have hoped for.
  • The content and writing are excellent and the book is easily accessible.

The Fiqh of Medicine : Responses in Islamic Jurisprudence to Developments in Medical Science

  • Written by a physician, the book methodically goes through contemporary issues.
  • The author makes a sincere effort to point out the different opinions in each of the four major mathahab with every issue.
  • The language, though excellent, can be too medical on occasion and may not be as accessible to the layman as it should.
  • The publication is of high quality and the book is easily accessible.

Reliance of The Traveller : Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law (Naqib Misri, Nuh Keller)

  • A comprehensive book of the jurisprudence (fiqh) in the Shafi mathhab.
  • Covers issues relating to menstruation and birth control.
  • As it is a translation of a classical text, there is a limit in its commentary on contemporary issues.  Sh. Nuh does discuss some things (like birth control) but in limited depth and without exploring the diversity of opinions within the mathhab.
  • Publication and translation quality are excellent and the book is easily accessible.

Good Websites (religious)

The Rahmah Foundation

The Rahmah Foundation is an independent, educational organization that is committed to continuously designing educational programs that will address topics unique to Muslim women. Through the centuries, Muslims have preserved and protected the Quran and Sunnah through the rigorous Ijaza system of scholarly licensure and certification. The Rahmah Foundation realizes the critical need to safeguard Islam from extremism and deviation and thus commits itself to selecting thoroughly qualified teachers—women who have studied and trained to meet exact criteria in both their knowledge and practice–to disseminate sacred knowledge to the rest of our sisters.

  • The Rahmah Foundation offers online courses, occasionally ones related to jurisprudence (fiqh) issues specific to women.

Seekers Guidance, Learn to Live

SeekersGuidance was established to fulfill the communal obligation (fard kifaya) of cultivating individuals and communities through the spread of knowledge.  We take this obligation seriously. It is our goal to reach all segments of the Muslim community, excluding no one, and to operate on a large enough scale that any who wish to learn will have the opportunity.

  • Seekers Guidance offers online courses, occasionally ones related to jurisprudence (fiqh) issues specific to women.

Salihah Central

This website is a place where Muslim women can go to find resources, community outreach opportunities, coursework in the teachings of Islam, Islamic School enrichment ideas, camp information for girls, lesson plans, and connect with others who share the same values, goals, and aspirations.  This website is an open space where all are welcome to visit, take ideas or create new ones, contribute and/or add to the electric energy that compels us towards a constructive and meaningful existence.  The founding group is based in Chicago, IL.

Good Websites (medical)


UpToDate is a database of articles put together by physicians who are experts in their fields.   It includes a wide array of information and though the medical information is limited to physician subscribers, there are patient specific articles that provide excellent, sound information on all kinds of topics that are free to the public.